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We are committed to building a new TEAM


and setting a new POPS World Record Formation.
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Our World Record Formation will be a 129-way launched from 16,000 feet, utilizing the World Class fleet of Otters and Skyvans at Skydive Arizona.  Although the formation may have slight changes prior to and during the event, we will not make any drastic changes and/or re-slotting that has taken place on previous POPS Record Events.

Prior to the Event, every jumper will know their slot assignment, exit order and seating arrangement.  You will know who you exit behind and/or in front of, who you dock on and who is docking on you.  We will be moving some of the faster jumpers into the 30-way base so that the 8-way whacker groups have a base to dock on.  We can't build a record without a solid base.

Each of the regional events will have a smaller version of the World Record Formation.​  This will allow us to evaluate and invite  jumpers that have proven skills to dock in their slot 100% of the time.  

We are assembling a "NEW TEAM" of qualified and dedicated POPS Bigway Jumpers and are not affiliated with any previous organizations or events.